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Author Lisa BelcastroHello Spring!

If you love Martha’s Vineyard, reading, running, the beach, chocolate, gardening, cooking, family, friends, Jesus, adventure, blonde jokes, and/or healthy doses of daily laughter, we’re destined to be friends.

 Please take a look around the site, and the nine gorgeous photos on this homepage slide show. Check out the freebies, especially the weekly giveaway on Facebook.  :-)  I’ve uploaded fun pictures to the photo gallery, and will continue to update them as I take more throughout the year. Be sure to sign up for the monthly newsletter. I’ll be talking about life on the Island, story ideas bouncing around in my head, gardening, what books I’m reading and loving, and so much more. The newsletter will have information, giveaways, funny stories, and chapter excerpts you won’t see or read anywhere else. Blessings!

Love, much like the sea that surrounds us, is vast, seemingly endless, and full of depths one has yet to explore. Shall we try?